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Well, keyboards are not just a case, PCB, and some switches. Here you can find everything that is needed to build a great keyboard.

Krytox 205g0 and GPL 105 Lube
Available (> 5 pcs)
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Our selection of lubricants for use on your mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers ensures a smoother and much better-sounding typing experience. We offer two types of...

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Switch Modding Toolkit
Available (1 pcs)
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Tools to make your keeb life a bit easier: Full Toolkit - Switch Puller, Keycap Puller, Switch opener, Stem Holder, Brush - Size 0, Krytox 205g0 - 5g, Krytox GPL 105 - 5g...

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durock stabs smokey transparent
from €5

Durock stabilizers V2 Kits for 60% keyboards. Comes with a set of screws and washers for PCB protection.

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thicc films black

3D printed switch films will help your switches sound and feel better while improving the fit between the top and bottom housings. Thicc Films by Jinra's Workshop come in two...

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2-in-1 Switch Opener
2-in-1 Switch Opener
Available (2 pcs)

2-in-1 Switch Opener is made from pure anodized aluminum and is compatible with both Cherry/Durock/MX clones and Kailh/Holy Panda switches. Comes in beautiful and eye-catching...

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Kora Series Deskmats
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Kora Series Deskmats
Available (> 5 pcs)
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  Multiple original designs Large size (900 x 400 x 3 mm) Stitched & printed edges Rubber non-slip bottom Ready to ship Let us know in the checkout notes...

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