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Layouts - Split keyboards

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You might have already seen a split keyboard either online or if you are in an environment where people type a lot. These boards are designed in a way to help the user hold a better and healthier body posture and prevent conditions such as carpal tunnels or other pain caused by prolonged and suboptimal use of keyboards.

There are many types and shapes of split keyboards, and it can be quite challenging to divide them into specific groups, however, there are a few general areas where various models differ from each other.


Ergo Dox keyboard Layout

Ergodox Keyboard Layout



Ergodox/Moonlander is quite an eye-catching keyboard layout with a profile that tries to copy the shape of human hands. The user should be able to use the keyboard without moving, adjust the distance between various parts, and even prop-up the keyboard with integrated & adjustable legs. The layout usually comes with 5 rows of keys in the primary sector and a few more keys operated by thumbs. The two halves are then connected via a short cable, and another cable connects to your PC.


ergodoxErgodox (source:


Small ortholinear boards

Another, quite commonly seen split keyboards are smaller ortholinear boards with 5 rows and 6 columns (or slightly different grig sizes), which can be paired up to operate together. Again these boards (halves) are connected with a short cable. While only one of the halves is then connected to the PC. In the custom mechanical keyboard community, these boards are quite common as they are fairly easy to purchase, design, 3D print, and handwire.

Split-able boards

Last, but not least, are the keyboards which look like a regular keyboard, however, they can be split into two. These boards utilize a much more standard staggered layout and therefore the split is not a straight line, but contours the shape of the keyboard keys. These boards can function in both split and snapped together configurations.

Some of the notable split keyboards are Ergodox EZ, Kinesis (various models), Corne, Iris, Kyria, and others.


Kyria (source:

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