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Layouts - 75% Keyboards

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The year 2020 seemed like the year of 75% keyboards with rotary encoders (little knobs). While not sure if that was actually the case, it has been said so many times it's probably true, right?!? Well, either way, 75% keyboards are here, and they are here to stay. These boards are similar to TKL in having almost the same number of keys, however, the layout is compressed into an even smaller package. The arrow keys are shifted to the left, by removing 1-3 keys in the regular bottom row, and making the right shift slightly smaller. The navigation cluster in a form of a column of keys is attached to the right side of Modifiers.


75% Keyboard Layout

Some designers decide to add spacing between clusters/sectors, while others don't, and the same goes for other design features such as corner blockers or badges. One of the newer trends is the incorporation of a rotary encoder, mostly seen on one-of-a-kind user-made boards. These little knobs are usually programmed to control audio volume by rotating them, as well as, pausing/resuming audio by clicking them. However, if implemented properly the user can customize the knobs’ functions as they please.

Your laptop probably has a 75% keyboard.

Some of the notable 75% keyboards are Satisfaction 75, ID80, 7V by gok, probably upcoming RAMA 75%, BOX 75, and others.


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