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Layouts - 100% Keyboards

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Nowadays most computer users are used to the keyboard on their laptop, however, almost everyone has seen a regular desktop PC keyboard.

100% keyboard layout

100% ANSI Keyboard Layout


This keyboard layout became the global standard and is most commonly found with desktop computers, which in general, consists of a little over 100 keys. Nevertheless, you can always find small variations between the world regions. The US (and many other countries) utilizes the so-called ANSI layout with 104 keys and a horizontal ENTER key. Then there is the International ISO layout with vertical ENTER key and split left shift consisting of 105 keys.


100% keyboard layout ISO

100% ISO Keyboard Layout


Lastly, there is the JIS keyboard layout. It uses a similar layout to ISO with an extra key on both ends of the Space key and Backspace split into two. This layout is mostly utilized in Japan, therefore much less common in the west.

100% JIS keyboard Layout100% JIS Keyboard Layout


All three variants are commonly known as full-size or 100% layout and consist of all six clusters of keys mentioned in the introductory chapter of our layout guide here. While there are many different full-size keyboards, they tend to be very rare as custom keyboards. The market for full-size (100%) customs is limited by the smaller demand, as well as, the large price tag stemming from the amount of material necessary to manufacture them.


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