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Kora Series Deskmats


  • Multiple original designs
  • Large size (900 x 400 x 3 mm)
  • Stitched & printed edges
  • Rubber non-slip bottom
  • Ready to ship

Let us know in the checkout notes which deskmat designs you would like if ordering multiple ones

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Warranty: 2 years
Kora Series Deskmats
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Some say their typing speed improved by 20%, others claim they get at least 10+ fps in My Barbie Mansion Tycoon. None of these effects were scientifically proven, therefore we have to remain skeptical. Nevertheless, deskmats by KORABRAND.XYZ provides you with both comfort and improved aesthetics of your setup. Regardless of whether you are working from home or an office, the deskmats are large enough to cover up to a full-size keyboard or a laptop and leave enough space for a mouse or a trackball, you filthy animal.

The deskmats are made from durable materials and can be washed by hands (recommended) or in a washer. Do not use a dryer, hang after washing until dry. The final color of the deskmat might differ slightly due to the implications of printing technology. Have a look at all of the photos in order to get a better idea of the final products.


Flow Deskmat by KORABRAND.XYZ

ストリーム | FLOW
The Flow deskmat is an exercise in the contrast between soft, harmonious, & natural shapes and the bold & exciting type. Just like every curve of the artwork is unpredictable, each one of us is truly unique. At the same time, we might interpret “flow” differently. Flow indicates movement and motivation while representing the balance between skill and complexity. Various shades of blue, purple, and pink are used at multiple levels of transparency to accentuate the layers and gradually increase complexity.


Progress Deskmat by KORABRAND.XYZ

プログレス | PROGRESS
Each societal advancement is predated by many seemingly unrelated acts, innovations, and inventions. That is the rough reality of progress, where one might make a large stride towards a goal just to face a brick wall almost at the end. Each solution brings a new challenge to the table and uncovers before unseen opportunities. The Progress design tries to represent and celebrate the never-ending process of human growth and betterment.


Kora Deskmat by KORABRAND.XYZ

コールラビ | KORA
The embodiment of minimalism and timeless design. Kora represents the design trajectory of our brand. We wanted to make a deskmat that fits many different setups and spaces. Whether you are rocking an entry-level board or a true keyboard endgame, Kora deskmat will always be a great choice, complementing your desk and all the peripherals.

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