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Soft launch is here! Deskmats are available for pre-order and other items in stock!

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Hello, everyone! Filip here, the founder of KORABRAND.XYZ, and I would like to share today's launch with all of you. Today is a very big moment for me, as I am finally launching the store for the EU market. As the current crisis swept the world, working on this project gave me the strength to push forward and try to pursue my dreams. Opening up a business and creating my own products has been an exciting idea, however, it was always just an idea. Nevertheless, something finally broke and I decided to take a leap of faith and here we are.

It was just a few months ago when I had an idea for a few deskmat designs. At that time I started getting in touch with suppliers and making sketches of the designs. Later on, I made an Interest check on Reddit and Geekhack to see what would be the response of the community, I got a lot of valuable feedback and assurance that I was going in the right direction. I make some changes, refined the designs, shared it with a few people close to me, and after many iterations and several scrapped designs, I finally made an order with the manufacturer.

The whole process taught me a lot about how things work and I hope to continue this journey onwards, bringing new ideas and products to the table and getting inspired by the amazing people all around us.

I am very grateful for your support and looking forward to all the feedback from you! I would also like to ask for our understanding and patience in the first days and weeks as there might be some small bugs on the website or with the selection of shipping. If you encounter any problems please contact me via the contact form or at


So what is launching today?

Kora Series Deskmats pre-order is open!

There are three designs you can all find here. All three are available for pre-order now and you can get them for a lower price. The price will go up once the products are here and start shipping. Currently, they are limited to 20 pieces per design, so better move quick!

Order Kora Series Deskmats here.


Durock Screw-in Stabilizers V2 in stock!

Currently being sold as kits with 4x2u and 1x6.25u stabilizers in clear colorway. This way the stabilizers will fit pretty much any build and will provide you with an amazing typing experience. As mentioned in the heading, these are the brand new V2 revisions of the stabilizers with improved designs that prevent the wires from falling out.

Order Durock Screw-in Stabilizers here.


Durock Linear, Silent Linear, and Koala Tactile switches in stock

At the same time, there are four different switches to choose from. The Linears and Silent Linears from Durock come with 62g springs, and for the Koalas you can choose between 62g or 67g springs. All switches are available for order today, however, the stock is quite limited at the moment.

Order Durock Linear and Silent Linear switches here.

Order Durock Koala Tactile switches here.


Krytox 105 lube in stock, and other types coming soon!

At the moment the Krytox 105 oil is in stock and ready to be shipped. The lube is sold in quantities of 5 grams and ships in 10ml food-grade plastic bottles.

Order Krytox 105 oil lube here.



print ferry sea

Fine Art Photography prints on high-quality paper

Last but not least, I have decided to share another passion of mine. As much as I love keyboards, I also love photography and traveling. I have picked a couple of my best pieces for you to decorate your homes and offices with. They come in three sizes, all made with a high-end printing process in my hometown of Bratislava, SVK. They are all made to order in order to ensure sustainability and quality of the product, therefore, they might take a few days to ship. Currently, there are 10 designs to choose from and these will be updated from time to time. I will always share these updates via social media and blog posts. I have put my heart and soul into these prints, and I hope you will like them as much as I do.

Order original photography prints here.


Thank you all for reading this far, there are many updates and products to come. You can already see some of the upcoming products on the website, while others are still just in the development phase. Will let you know as new things come to the store quite soon!