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Keyboard Build Services

Would you like to have an original and one of its kind mechanical keyboard? Or you just can't be bothered to assemble it all together? We are here for your rescue! Let us know what kind of keyboard your heart desires and we will try our best to come up with the most optimal solution just for you.

kyria custom split mechanical keyboard


We understand that building a keyboard can be quite challenging or intimidating, therefore we would like to offer you a building service, which takes care of the full assembly, soldering, tuning, or troubleshooting if necessary. We can help with picking the right parts and look for compatibility issues. Whether you want a full keyboard, TKL, 60%, 40%, or anything in between, we can help you achieve your keyboard goals! 

When available, you can either start by contacting us via our socials or filling out the form below. The client is responsible for sourcing the parts and shipping unless agreed upon otherwise. The pricing always depends on the complexity of the build, and we provide you with a price estimate during and after the agreed-upon configuration is near-final.

Since the availability and sourcing of parts can be complicated at times, we are not able to commit to a specific timeframe. However, we promise to deliver the final product as soon as possible.


Custom Keyboard Build and Switch Lubing Form


Expected costs:

100-600€ (parts + some labor), shipping is extra and depends on your location and final product weight, see our shipping policy for more information. The average keyboard (60 or 65%) build is around 300-400€.


Included in the service: 

  • Consultation + Part picking
  • Help with part sourcing
  • Assembly
  • Stabilizer tuning (Krytox lube, Dielectric grease)
  • Soldering
  • Firmware flashing + layout adjustments
  • Testing
  • Pre&post delivery support

Not included in the service price:

  • Any keyboard parts
  • Switch lubing & filming
  • Shipping (both from you to us and back to you)


Voice 65 custom mechanical keyboard with gmk sandstorm and gmk kaiju novelties

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