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What is a Group-Buy/Preorder?

Group Buys or Preorders are a form of order in which a product is available for purchase in a specific timeframe, usually around a month, and afterward is submitted to a manufacturer for production. This way we are able to ensure higher availability of a product and meeting the minimum order quantities set by the manufacturer.

Products purchased via a Group-Buy typically take longer to be delivered. In case there might be some unforeseen delays in the process, we will update you and provide an alternative shipping date to the best of our knowledge.

Many Group-Buys are advertised via renders of a product and therefore might slightly differ from the actual product. While we hold ourselves to the highest standards, certain printing and manufacturing processes might result in small variations between renders and physical products, at the same time the screen used to view these renders might influence your perception of color and texture. Therefore we reserve the right to ship products with reasonable visual accuracy. The product will not be shipped if it doesn't meet our expectations unless the customer wants the product regardless. In another case, the product will be exchanged or refunded.

I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

You can only get a refund while the order window is open, however, a small fee might be charged in order to mitigate the payment processing and administrative costs. After the Group-Buy timeframe ends, it is generally not possible to get a refund, nevertheless, we might grant you a refund on a case by case, basis.


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