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Filip Černák - KORABRAND.XYZ

Business ID: 53413245

Tax ID: 1120525824

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Address: Priemyselná 6, 82109, Bratislava, Slovakia



About us

Our mission statement: 

“We strive to deliver a premium and custom product experience for our customers while bringing new benefits and innovations to the mechanical keyboard community.”


Who we are and what do we do?

We are a premium product e-commerce company, bringing various parts for mechanical keyboards, office supplies and decorations, and other products in order to improve your typing/working/gaming experience.


As of right now KORABRAND.XYZ is a new business venture based in Bratislava, Slovakia. When we discovered the custom mechanical keyboards community in 2019, it inspired us to get deeper into this topic and see what could be done, what are common practices. While there’s a lot to love about mechanical keyboards, there are also certain quirks we believe could be improved upon. As the size of the community grows, this gives us a lot of space to optimize certain practices, ensure more security for the customers, vendors, and creators. Our goal is to build relationships with all parties, as well as, reputable manufacturers in order to bring more stability and availability to the market.


We are constantly working on new products, designs, and collaborations with people and companies from within and outside the community.


Our first exclusive product will be a series of deskmat designs created and sold by us. It was also one of the first products we ever created by partnering with an overseas manufacturer and the whole process taught us the ins and outs of working with new organizations remotely. The deskmats will be released in late 2020 and we hope that you will love them as much as we do.


Okay, now that normies lost interest in reading this whole post let us tell you what our true intentions are. Our only mission is to make a gargantuan pile of cash that we can lock up in our gold-clad safe, the size of a suburban two-story house. Imagine Donald the Duck, but instead of gold coins, we are talking just 500 euro banknotes. Not only the density of the wealth increases massively, but also when we jump in for a swim in all that ca$h we can mitigate the danger of crashing into metal and hurting ourselves. You might ask how do we plan on doing all this? Well is pretty much the combination of selling our souls to the gods of capitalism, hugely marking up products we buy dirt cheap on Alibaba, selling you the idea of an endgame, and pretty much any shady business practice in the book. You might see us as a scrappy startup right now, but in a few years' time, we hope to corner the market to the likes of KBDFans or Drop, but 10 times as evil. We promise to always extract as much money from your wallet as possible, you can count on that. However, if you ever see a product we sell somewhere else for a higher price, please tell us and we will gladly increase the price, so you never feel like we treat you like a charity case.


Yours faithfully,