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Gateron Yellow Switches (Full Milky)
from €3,50

Gateron Mechanical Keyboard Switches in Milky Yellow. Switches come in packs of 10, 70, 90, and 110 pcs.

Code: 51/YEL5
switch opener 1
2-in-1 Switch Opener
Available (5 pcs)

2-in-1 Switch Opener is made from pure anodized aluminum and is compatible with both Cherry/Durock/MX clones and Kailh/Holy Panda switches. Comes in beautiful and eye-catching...

Code: 89

JWK Durock linear switches are known for their quality and sound properties. The Koalas feature a large tactile bump experience with each click of a switch and are in direct...

Code: 83/62G
from €3 up to –17 %
from €3

Our selection of lubricants for use on your mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers ensures a smoother and much better-sounding typing experience. We offer two types of...

Code: 60/LUB
blackink sqr

Deep and distinct sound, dark translucent body with black stem and 70g springs. Gateron Black INK V2 Mechanical Keyboard Switches come in packs of 10 switches.

Code: 57/BLA
linears durock combo
from €7

JWK Durock linear switches are known for their smoothness and sound properties. These switches are actually so popular they have been recolored by many vendors and artists with...

Code: 80/62G
durock stabs smokey transparent
from €5

Durock stabilizers V2 Kits for 60% keyboards. Comes with a set of screws and washers for PCB protection.

Code: 63/TRA3
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€30 –17 %

  Multiple original designs Large size (900 x 400 x 3 mm) Stitched & printed edges Rubber non-slip bottom Ready to ship

Code: 45/FLO2

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